Production program of our company consists of whole range of castings for various applications in the quality of non-alloyed, low-alloyed and alloyed steel. We are able to cast pieces from 1 to 13000 kg of net weight.
The primary production areas are based on castings for shipbuilding, engine building, castings for freight train bogies, valve program and castings for special purposes.

1. Shipbuilding

Felis Products Ltd. is confirmed manufacturer of castings for shipbuilding. Castings are produced in the quality of non-alloyed carbon steel and low-alloyed carbon steel. Confirmations were obtained from the certification houses: DNV, LR, GL, RINA, HRB, and BV. All tests and certificates of quality are in accordance with the requirements of the above certification houses. The basic type of castings that represents this group are different castings for ship's rudder.

2. Engine building

Felis Products Ltd. is also authorized to manufacture parts for engine building acc. to specifications of the MAN B&W and Wärtsilä. This group of products include various types of chain wheels, gears, main bearing supports, cover beds, various engine parts. Castings are delivered per demands of the customer as rough or final machined, in normalized or improved state, depending on demands of mechanical characteristics.

3. Freight train castings

For many years making castings for freight train bogies holds a special place in our production program. These Castings are delivered as a fully machined pieces and, as such, are ready for installation. Along with them are issued all necessary certificates. These products are sold on domestic market, as well as on most European markets.

4. Valve program

Foundry has a several decades long tradition of producing  valves and castings from that program, where products are various types of valves from a few kilograms to 6 tons net weight. Production of valves may be associated with high-serial production and also with the creation of individual castings. Valves are produced from carbon and low-alloyed steel and high-alloyed steel used for producing safety valves in class C12A and WC9 which is mainly sold on foreign markets. Depending on customer requirements all necessary certificates are issued.

5. Castings for special purposes

Felis Products Ltd. offers different kinds of castings that meet specific requirements in relation to your application.
Castings resistant to wearing meet all requirements of strength and toughness and the demands of higher resistance to wearing. These castings have application in quarries and cement industries.
Castings resistant to high temperatures may be produced from alloyed Cr-Ni-Mo steel, which have a wide application in gas and steam turbines production. High temperature resistant castings are also used in cement and oil industry.
Castings chemically resistant to aggressive media are applied in construction and turbine pumps and various mehcanical parts in the chemical and food industry.
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