Possesion of production capacities, such as: own pattern shop, two electric arc furnaces with capacity of 3000 and 13,000 kg of melted steel, manual and automated molding, cleaning room, furnaces for heat treatement, machining and control department with all the necessary laboratories, give us ability to provide full services in producing castings, or the final product.

Successful team of experts, always ready to go toward meeting the demands of the customer, continuously research and improve production, as well as the introduce new technologies and procedures,  are further guarantee of excellent cooperation with us.

We wish to deliver products to our customers that fully meet their requirements, specified quality and agreed price. Only then we can keep our old customers, attract new, that is, retain and improve the market position of our products.

This goal Felis Products resolves with quality policy which is an integral part of our business strategy, that is, the quality management system according to the model standards UNI EN ISO 9001-2000, or HRN EN ISO 2000.

Since 16.05.2002. we are approved testing institution:
-examination of the chemical composition of materials (materials on Fe, Cu, Al base)
-mechanical testing of the material characteristics (strength, hardness, toughness)
-nondestructive testing methods,  (testing with magnetic particles, ultrasound examination and testing with penetrants).
Approval code: 02-000695/021113 issued by the Croatian Register of Shipping.

Felis Products is in the process of modernization of production with new equipment that should be fully operational by the end of second trimester next year, which will improve productivity, quality and thus competitiveness of our products.
Felis Products Ltd. foundry is located in the southern industrial zone of the town of Sisak, which is located 50 km southeast of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.
After a 54-year period of development and successful production of castings, we are still leading producers of steel castings in Croatia.
Felis Produkti Ltd. - B.Adžije, Sisak, Croatia- Tel: 044/525-200 - Fax: 044/525-201 - email: felis@felis.hr - web: www.felis.hr
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